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Spearhead IMC Group is a standing executive member of the Development Strategy Committee of China Advertising Association of Commerce. The Group and its subsidiary D&S Media Group are both member units of Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China (China 4A). 

The Group and its affiliates provide the customers with accurate and customized consultation services on effective branding and communication under the guidance of internationalized standard management methods, which include brand creativity, PR services and media communication services, specifically covering corporate image molding and reputation management, PR communication services and activities, media and crisis management, corporate social responsibility, and public affairs and government relations as well. 

Established for more than two decades, the Group’s subsidiary D&S Media Group has listed into Top 5 PR Agencies in China, and it boasts professional theoretical system, strong media relations, wide-area coverage capabilities and excellent execution. Shanghai Easttide Advertising Communication Co. Ltd. has been dedicated to providing advertising procurement and agency services on outdoor media, print media, video media, broadcast media and other media platforms, and it has been awarded as the Best Team by China PR Carnival. Its successful cases have been widely recognized by many contests in the industry of marketing and communication, such as the China Outstanding Marketing Award, the China Innovation & Communication Award, the Top Mobile Award, the Golden Award, the Golden Vision Award, the Golden Byte Award and the Golden Coordinate Award.