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Spearhead IMC Group provides customers with the big data marketing services in terms of precision marketing, effect marketing, and procedural purchase. Allyes, the subsidiary of the Group leading all-in-one digital integration marketing solution provider, and the Group’s participating stock subsidiary, AdView third-party mobile advertising trading platform has been listed in Top 10 domestically. 

Spearhead IMC Group enjoys the largest independent mobile third-party advertising platform by the acquisition of fund shares of an U.S.A. company Smaato. All the three mentioned have made close and collaborative cooperation at the business level. Thanks to the big data marketing services provided by Allyes, all-dimensional high-efficient services for supply and procurement of mobile advertising flow by AdView and real-time bidding technology and global release of data resources by Smaato, Spearhead IMC Group has accumulated the advantages in the application of big data marketing, led the technological innovation of big data marketing in China, and further expanded the international businesses related to digital marketing and big data marketing.