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Oriented to consumer experience, Spearhead IMC Group has been endeavoring to create maximum scenarios, grasp the opportunities for contacts and interactions, and present a consistent experience through all possible channels.

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Spearhead IMC Group boasts the largest network of experiential marketing services in China. Focusing on marketing links for customer and taking the creation of unique consumer experience as its strategic starting point, the Group provides its customers with all-dimensional experimental marketing services ranging from marketing strategies, creative planning to execution management, which include experiencing marketing strategies, planning and design of experience store/brand image shop, commercial management, terminal promotion, terminal sales team management, conference and exhibition, product channel management and O2O marketing services. Customers are given actual experiences of the quality and performance of our products and services to facilitate sales. 

In the meantime, we obtain deep insights and  accurate persona of customers by collecting consumer behavior data(offline big data)to divert offline consumer flow to online shopping, better guide market activities and increase rate of investment for customers. Spearhead IMC Group has won many titles and awards in the industry of marketing and communication industry, among which there are the Most Competitive Company, Most Innovative Experimental Marketing Award, China Outstanding Marketing Award, the China Innovation & Communication Award, the Top Mobile Award, the Golden Award, the Golden Vision Award, the Golden Byte Award and the Golden Coordinate Award.