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Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communication Group (Spearhead IMC Group) is a vice-executive member of the Digital Marketing Committee of China Advertising Association of Commerce. The subsidies and associated brands under Spearhead IMC Group provide customers with all-course digital integration marketing solutions oriented to customer needs in the areas of internet and digital media, which include all-dimensional services of digital integrated brand marketing, effect marketing, social media marketing, establishment of trans-system digital platform, mobile internet marketing, new media advertising and PR, E-commerce solutions (E-commerce website construction and brand marketing solutions) and digital terminal channel solutions, covering the whole digital services for enterprise marketing from branding to sales.

Spearhead IMC Group has been honored as the Annual Best Digital Agency for Network Marketing, the Annual Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency and the Most Influential Digital Marketing Company, with its marketing cases being recognized by many contests and awards in the industry of marketing and communication industry, such as the Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Contest, the Golden Awards Networking Marketing Contest, the golden award for i-China Forum, the Tiger’s Roar Award and the Top Mobile Awards.