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Guangdong Midea Home Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd mainly produces rice cooker, electromagnetic stove, electric kettle, and electric pressure cooker, with the annual total output up to 50 million. Midea Home Appliance Division enjoys advantages in the areas of product development, manufacturing and sales system.

In terms of the whole economic situation, though some economic data picks up, the overall economic situation is far from optimistic. Especially the unfavorable factors in external environment, such as the sluggishness of real estate market, have hindered the development of home appliance industry. Whereas, the sales of kitchen appliance products have increased by 10.5% in this context and becomes the new growth point of home appliance industry. Even so, the kitchen industry still has to face growth slowdown and exacerbated reshuffle. This means that the kitchen appliance industry which has experienced booming development in the past two years is returning to a track of more rational development.

Kitchen appliance products are the necessities for each household. From the perspective of home appliance industry itself, there have been various types and categories of home appliance products, and in addition, more updated and new produced products are being launched, consequently the phenomena of product homogenization is very serious. How to make Midea products be known, recognized, identified and purchased by consumers in the era when the needs and choices of the customers turn more diversified is extremely important.

After the following has been analyzed:

  • How to stay ahead in such a fierce competition?

  • How to occupy a unique position among consumers?

  • How to improve the brand recognition and reputation of the consumers?

  • How to promote new products more accurately?

The above problems have become the new challenges for marketing activity.

As a mobile delicious-food APP with the biggest market share and highest popularity, boasts strong user activity degree and viscosity with its target users highly compliant with those of home appliance products of Midea.

It is a wise and proper decision for Midea Home Appliance Division to make in-depth cooperation with to facilitate promotion and marketing.


Accurate branding and product promotion have been carried out at the vertical delicious-food social interaction community platform of with accurate target consumers. Initiate the activities by content operation compatible with the brand essence to maintain the fans  and realize web traffic inflow and e-commerce purchase.

The specific marketing objectives are as follows:

  • Promote the brand of Midea and its home appliance products

  • Promote the advantageous functions of Midea through the scene marketing of recipes

  • Enhance brand affinity and preference to attract the attention from potential consumers and facilitate their purchases

  • Collect the feedback on Midea home appliance products from the consumers


Establish an independent community section on the platform of——Delicious Food Circle, and integrate hard advertising with operation to enlarge exposure.

In addition to hard advertising, multi-level and multi-angle content operation has become a highlight of this marketing activity.

Attract the attention from fans by releasing multi-level contents of recipes, daily posts, videos and activities and setting up exclusive Midea E-mall, with  information on the launched brands  released through the platform of dynamic information of friends afterwards.

Hold theme activities regularly, such as the solicitation of Midea home appliance recipes and product trials. Increase the users’ focus and interaction frequencies on the brand of Media while conducting product promotion.

Release Midea home appliance recipes regularly, which have been fully displayed on the webpage of recipes and the homepage of APP.

Release quality videos of Midea home appliance recipes to directly demonstrate the product performance via the section of delicious-food video on

Develop and release the posts related to the brand of Midea regularly and make the posts the most popular to achieve higher exposure and display.

Conduct in-time and in-depth interaction and communication with users and answer the questions raised by users to facilitate making Midea an indispensable part of the lives of consumers.


For example of the contents of video recipe:

The following screenshots are respectively:

Midea official account: Relevant information on Midea delicious food

Activity degree of Midea Delicious Food Circle

Information on the users posting and activity holding of Midea Delicious Food Circle

Effects of looting activity (in form of posting) at Midea Delicious Food Circle

Hard advertising at Midea Delicious Food Circle

Hot activities at Midea Delicious Food Circle (activity on special page)

Relevant contents on users’ questions about the brand

Users’ recognition of the brand

Brand-related recipes released by users

Brand-related posts released by users











Midea customers were quite satisfied with the performance of the 2016 project. Based on the operation needs of Midea, Alleys Group provided the most professional opinions and best services for the customers both in form and in contents. The KPI plan set in for the project was over-fulfilled, the brand of Midea was more exposed, and customers’ preference, recommendation inclination and brand viscosity toward the brand of Midea were enhanced by a great margin, which effectively promoted the sales increase. A lot of consumers made inquiry about the product information at

Data on specific effect (by November 20):

The number of fans with the account of Midea Delicious Food has reached 59,608;

The account of Midea Delicious Food has released 283 original posts at Delicious Food Circle;

The users have released 3,952 original posts at Delicious Food Circle;

The total number of replies by users at Delicious Food Circle has reached 316,252;

49 Midea recipes with pictures and texts have been viewed for 3,493,640 times;

49 Midea recipes with pictures and texts have been taken as favorite for 130,897 times;

The total view of 6 Midea video recipes has reached 885,784 times;

The total PV value of the activities held by Midea has reached 745,426.