Case | A Tank of Oil for 1000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge Network Communication



Case Background:

Roewe organized offline Fuel-Saving Challenge activities and selected “the King of Fuel-Saving” by holding competitions at different level from the vehicle owners. The competitors started off from Lanzhou, and passed the cities of Lanzhou, Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang. The veteran drivers were invited to instruct the inexperienced drivers to spread the selling point of fuel saving. In addition, by online communication, Roewe 360 has attracted high attention from its potential target customers.

"A Tank of Oil for 1000 Kilometers National Fuel-Saving Challenge" activity highlights the fuel-saving advantage of Roewe 360, arouses great interests of its target consumers and attracts more potential consumers, publicizing Roewe 360 widely.

Advertising Theme: A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers

Advertising Period: August 2016 – September 2016

Target Market: Nationwide

Challenge of the Communication:

The major auto manufacturers produce new ideas in displaying the product performance by A Tank of Oil. They have carried out activities to display the features of the products to attract customer attention and enhance brand image. Finally the fuel saving is taken as the selling point and transformed into actual sales.

Offline activity "A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge" has attracted the participation of Roewe 360 regular users, but a  new way should be tapped to find an echo with the potential target consumers. Though the challenge final was completed in late August, the communication needed to be continued to enhance further the brand image.


While the offline activity "A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge" was going on along the Hexi Corridor (Lanzhou-Dunhuang), live video and the effect of Internet celebrity economy were utilized to make the originally boring challenge become interesting, attention-arousing and influential. 

Promotion Strategy:


How to produce communication difference to attract target audience?

  • 1. Cross-platform live video of test drive: The cross-platform live activities have been viewed online by millions of audience, which has greatly exposed Roewe 360 products.

  • 2. In-depth output of professional contents: The host together with the professional racers participate in the full-course test drive of Roewe 360 and makes in-depth explanations of auto basics, which makes the live video more professional.

  • 3. Live video of fun activities in an entertaining manner: The introduction to and explanations of the food and culture along the Silk Road have been live videoed to make the test drive activities more entertaining and consequently the distance between the brand and the fans is narrowed and more fans are positively influenced.


Communication Strategy:

1. Create multiple hot events to arouse public attention: invite KOL to participate in the activities and utilize live video

KOL competition element is added in the challenge stage for all-dimensional panoramic live video. Video Live: 10+ hours segmental live video with both video and text provided. Photos and feelings in words are released over the course. Relevant information is released by KOL on We-Media as well.

2. Conduct interaction to improve participation: Prize drawing adopting other-regarding preference is used to encourage participation. Enhance the activity influence by KOL participation into the final, and utilize the prize-winning live video to attract continuous attention from target audience to make second transmission. Academic group VS. Practical Group Live video Platform: The KOLs from the two groups participate in the final of the Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge. All the live video is hosted by internet-celebrity KOL and the synchronous signals are aired on the special webpage. The netizens can vote in the early stage to forecast the winners and participate in the bullet screen interaction and prize-drawing during the activities.

Interaction mechanism between prize quiz and live bullet screen. The function of special voting has been set at each platform with bullet screen being used for interaction on the live video platform. Users can cheer for their selected combination on the special page and the winning cheering team will be additionally awarded. The target customers of Roewe 360 are grouped and labelled into two for longest-journey PK. During the live video, the audience can send screen bullets, and prize-drawing is conducted at each sharp o’clock. In the interaction area on the special page, two groups of KOLs participate in the prize quiz and compete for the final winner. The users who have chosen the right winner can participate in the prize-drawing.

3. Content output, conducive to second transmission: Utilize the authoritative media to enhance the activity grade and consolidate the product advantages.

Join hands with the professional media to release the white paper on fuel saving. Make the topic continuously popular even after the activities. Roewe 360 is utilized to display various fuel-saving skills in different environment, which is introduced in the form of information flow on the auto channel of news portal.

White Paper on Auto Media & Roewe 360 Fuel Saving: To fully understand and satisfy the needs of target users. The Auto Media and Roewe 360 release fuel-saving tips and display how to save fuel and energy in daily life in an interesting manner. And the skills and tips on using vehicles are interpreted from the professional perspective and are instructed through lively activities for the users. 

Activity Highlights:

BITAUT: Crossover cooperation

Make in-depth cooperation with automotive vertical media and conduct crossover internet-celebrity live video.

1. Grouping Fuel Saving Challenge: Practical Group (Internet Celebrity + Racer) VS Academic Group (Internet Celebrity +Auto Editor)

2. Real-time live video of super Internet celebrity: All-course live video of event and customized interaction mechanism

3. User real-time quiz interaction: special voting and prize drawing

4. Continuous second transmission: KOL gives comments on vehicles from different perspectives, White Paper on BITAUT & Roewe Fuel Saving.

The professional and interactive live video highlights the selling points of the products. The live video combines new publicity forms, attractive contents, high-face-score popular Internet celebrities and professional racers. Instant question-answer interaction is conducted and live videoed, which has attracted more fans and enhance their confidence in the products. 

High-face-score Internet celebrity who has little knowledge about automobile makes interaction with the professional racers and big shots in automobile industry.  Questions are raised on the activity site and answered by automobile experts. The interaction with big shots makes the selling points of Roewe 360 more popular. The experts answer the questions raised by the host with little understanding of automobiles and elaborate the details about Roewe 360 which the netizens are interested in.

Practical Group VS Academic Group KOL Fuel-Saving Challenge is hosted by a internet celebrity, which ensures the participation in the preheating stage and the number of participants in online interaction. In addition, some influential social accounts are utilized to attract more customers. The KOL resources are selected according to the activity time for cooperation. During the final, the live video by PC and mobile phone are simultaneously conducted to attract the users’ all-course participation by various live videos and interactions.

Special preheating activity & activity notification, online live videoing, the output of original contents after the activities and the accumulation of potential customers are conducted. Focusing on the activity contents, the overall communication scheme has formed an interactive closed loop for the users. Online: Fuel Saving Challenge and Interaction/ Reporting/ Live Video/White Paper; Offline: To guide more customers to make test drive at auto service station and finally purchase the product. 




POCO: Assist the accumulation of communication material offline

POCO: It is an academic project with the most distinctive tour project and a PC + Mobile social platform with content-sharing as the core as well, serving as the recorder to participate in the challenge.

  • 1. KOL output of texts and photos: KOL follows the star challenging team to tour along the challenge route;

  • 2. Consolidate results: Activity wins popularity and attention with its real power and the users verify the concept of A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers by Roewe 360 to enhance communication;

  • 3. Video on Journey: Make video for secondary transmission. Photographers take pictures and make amazing videos, accumulating the communication materials.


The integrated promotion of A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge Network Communication has been well achieved through news media, automotive vertical media, exact media and tooling platform, and fully covered the potential consumers group of Roewe 360. During the activities, the media has achieved good performance with exposures and clicks higher than expectation. The activities have been exposed for 110 million times and the total clicks have exceeded 3.14 million times. The activity has been live videoed for five days accumulating to more than 30 hours. The total number of online viewers has exceeded 1.5 million, the peak number of online viewers of the live video has exceeded 130,000 times and the actual completion rate of sales clues has been as high as 150%.




  • 8th Tiger Roar Award: Silver Award in Public Transportation and Service