Case | Minilove Exploring of Micro Secret Show


New Way of Marketing Innovation –Micro-Network Variety Video

Marketing Upgrading of Think Branding IMC As a kind of series marketing by Microsoft, Minilove Exploring of Micro Secret Show cooperates with Buqiurenvip(a Wechat account)  on the most popular constellation topic. The show is live transmitted in the form of variety show exploration with precise interaction with the target consumers of fashionable white-collars to establish emotional connections. The special features of the products highlighted in the interesting live show are quite impressive. The direct and intuitive experience has successfully attracted target consumers to make purchases at the Microsoft shop at With the increase of the sales, the focus and views of the online shop have been enhanced. In a word, Micro-Network Variety Video has opened up a new marketing mode.



  • Micro-Network Variety Video Series: Big Fashion Blogger + Influential Internet Celebrity+ Funny Variety Show + Live Interaction + Secondary Transmission of Activity = Series Marketing

  • New-type Communication: Big V + Big IP Crossover Cooperation, E-commerce + Live video marketing, attract consumers to make purchases at the flagship online shop at and materialize sales.

  • Precise Marketing: Gain insights into the trendsetters in IT sector and fashion industry, and make precise marketing among fashionable white-collars and technology addicts.

  • Interactive live video: Fans have been invited to the site of activities to join in games and experience the healthy, colorful, fashionable and portable features of the products, with their curiosity and purchase desire being generated.


Create the series of Micro-Network Variety Video by combining virtual IP and professional Internet celebrity, produce topics for communication, enhance the brand reputation of Microsoft, and promote sales to make effective publicity.



  • High cost of product placement in variety show

  • The live video hosted by a traditional Internet celebrity is boring and content-lacking

  • Lack of scene and situational experience during branding and product presentation


  • The young, fashionable and trend-setting white-collars need their own customized electronic products;

  • Attach great importance to the practicality, portability and price advantage of the products while considering the purchase mentality of target consumers. And all the products appearing and recommended during the exploration activity online can well meet the needs of the consumers;

  • Based on the degree of preference and acceptance, boldly choose the form of live video hosted by Internet celebrity which is very popular and transmitted fast. Through the vision of the Internet celebrity, let more white-collars know about the brand of Microsoft and its products;

  • Analyze the target groups and communication mode of the competitive products. Analyze the changes in the needs of the future consumers and understand their consumption psychology with the original consumer group being considered to produce brand-new products with high quality, reasonable price and good appearance and provide guidance for the consumers in selecting  electronic brand suitable to them in a new-type communication mode. 

  • Integrate the concept of constellations, workplace topics and life guide into the early-stage communication of the Microsoft concepts on its hardware and software products to raise more attention.

  • Integrate the features of constellation editors, designing experts and music video work of Buqiurenvip Studio and connect them well with Microsoft Series hardware to produce interesting contents. And fans are invited to visit Buqiurenvip Studio.

  • Minilove Exploring Mini Variety Show is staged online in a multi-interactive manner. Microsoft hardware products have been displayed on interesting scenes and  enhance the pre-order sales on E-commerce platform.




Minilove Exploring is an extension of Microsoft's fashion micro-secret show, which follows the mysterious style. Two enthusiasts on WeChar funding products have been invited to visit the office of Buqiurenvip. Rolling interactive mode online and offline has been developed by combining the interaction conducted respectively in four links of being portable, healthy, colorful and sharing as well as fun games. Real-time conversation with online netizens can be made at any time to further publicize the activity.










Minilove Exploring of Micro Secret Show and its communication mode is the latest practical communication network for micro variety show. An effective communication with target consumers has been achieved through the real-time online transmission of offline mysterious activities. The combination of traditional marketing mode with live show platform has created new-type product sales system. In the meantime, the communication and transfer on the reputable We-Media platform has created certain publicity effects so that more people know about the Minilove activity and low-cost projects can bring about the sales increasing by times. 



  • 2016-2017 (15th) China Outstanding Brand Marketing Award-Outstanding Communication Award