Case | Great Challenge-Jetta Auto Crossing 1000-km No-Man Land of Qinghai Hoh Xil


Under the meticulous planning of D&S Media Group, an ordinary family 1.6L Jetta  vehicle transcends itself with a group of people who constantly push themselves and makes new world records.



  • This year is the 25th anniversary of Jetta's entry into China and it is a favorable opportunity for Jetta to publicize its quality and establish its image.

  • As to consumer cognition, there is not enough support and cohesion in brand inheritance and association between the new and old Jetta.

  • On market, New Jetta prices fall seriously, while the annual sales task is heavy, therefore there is need to enhance the brand premium.

  • Jetta Brand has the tradition of event marketing, which can continue to create sensational events, and establish and maintain a good reputation.



To create communication topics and promote Jetta's public attention by creating a sensational event that challenges the world records in thousands of miles of no-man area.



Project Strategy

  • Create selling point and arouse attention to verify the terrific quality of Jetta by making world records and challenging the limits.

Communication Strategy

  • Create hot events by travelling across 1000-km No-Man Land of Qinghai Hoh Xil, challenging world records and inviting media to make on-site experience.

  • Utilize event marketing to verify the durable quality and reliable image of Jetta vehicle.

  • Video challenging material and make viral-like spreading to arouse attention and make the topic popular.

  • During the activities, the associated brands join hands to make topics popular, create hot events and arouse more attention.

Media Strategy

  • Invite authoritative and professional media, vehicle owner representatives, well-known We-Media to participate in the entire challenge with live video or reporting.

  • Apply a variety of media channels comprehensively, and directly influence our target customers multi-dimensionally in the vertical media, social media, and traditional media.



On April 23, we started path finding for the first time, and by May 24 the path has been successfully made through. Altogether we have explored the path in Qinghai Hoh Xil for three times. For more than 30 days, all the members of the path-finding group have been faced with high altitude hypoxia, severe coldness, snowstorm, diet problems and other threats, while the communication on the rules of the challenge with World Record Organization was simultaneously conducted. For GPS no-track route was required in the project, having to endure the pressure of not knowing where to go tomorrow, every member pressed ahead amidst of confusion, helplessness, giving-up, pain and joy of success. With the established challenge date approaching, path finding became more urgent, intensified and difficult. It was quite normal for the team members to depart at 5 o'clock in the morning but not know where to accommodate at 12 o'clock midnight.



In the plateau area with an average altitude of more than 4000 meters, the catering and accommodation of more than 80 people was an extremely great and complex project. In order to ensure that all the challenging team members could eat delicious food every day, the logistic members had to get up two hours in advance to make preparations in the morning and get to the camping site three hours in advance to build camp tents and prepare a variety of life supplies.


Before departure, the project team had made more than 20 times of communication and discussions through telephone and meeting. Considering the team members are facing a life forbidden zone that by far no one has ever set foot on the land, D&S Media Group carried out detailed work division from challenging the challenging vehicle's driving route to meals and water-drinking for daily specially assigned to certain set designated person to be specially responsible for meals and water-drinking for daily to ensure the smooth execution of the project. At the end of each day’s challenge, the entire project team summarized the work of the day, and timely adjusted the route planning and Execution details of the next day according to the state of vehicles and personnel, for thoughtful and complete preparation was the prerequisite for the smooth progress of the project.



  • During the 9-day continuous challenges in harsh environment with bad road conditions, Jetta Auto showed good performance and quality with zero failure which won the unanimous recognition and good comment of team members and media and laid a great reputation foundation for the follow-up popularity. In this way, its product identity has been enhanced, product image has been improved and New Jetta’s inheritance of high quality has been verified.

  • By the end of October, the reports on the Great Challenge have been published on traditional media for 851 times with the total communication value up to 34,656,013 yuan, and the clicks (page views) on the social media platform totaled up to 24.41 million times.

  • After these activities, the netizens of the large-scale automobile BBSs have expressed their high recognition of the reliable and durable features of Jetta Auto, who believe New Jetta has very well inherited the outstanding gene of Jetta Auto.

  • The auto dealers made active response as well. After the activities, the related videos and pictures were spread to more than 800 FAW-Volkswagen dealers nationwide. After second-time processing, the materials have been used not only for video and poster publicity in automobile sales service shop but also for local in-depth communication by We-Media resources, which is conductive to boosting popularity and sales.

  • In term of sales performance, Jetta Auto has been leading the segmented market since 2016. Especially after the success of the challenge activities in June, the growth rate is obvious. From January to November, the cumulative sales has reached 315,437 vehicles with a year-on-year growth rate of 29.4%, far exceeding the 4.4% year-on-year growth of the vehicles of the same grade.



To demonstrate the impartiality of the challenge, the vehicles used in this challenge were manual-transmission 1.6L Jetta which were randomly purchased from FAW-Volkswagen dealers. As required by world record organization, these vehicles have not been made any modifications. Jetta’s driving through multiple complex roads conditions with gravel, swamps, waterside grassland and snow land showed Jetta’s good quality and public praise.



  • 2016 Golden Flag Award: Golden Award in Most Influential PR Activity in Public