Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communication Group(Stock code: 300071), one of China's listed leading marketing communication companies, is positioned as a global, digitized uni marketing communication group supported by fashionable recreation and social contents and marketing data. While aiming to usher in more global brands toChina, Spearhead will assist more Chinese brands to go global and reach a win-win solution.


Since its IPO, Spearhead, through its investment development strategy of “big contents, big data” and “investment + integration” and its steady tactics, has completed the business expansion from BTL to ATL and from offline to online fields by a series of extensive M&As, realized service innovation and upgrading through making full use of new technologies and new media. Meanwhile, through the collaborative integration of resources in concepts, services, systems and platforms etc., it has established the uni marketing industrial chain service system from brand strategy originality to digital marketing, experience marketing, content marketing, big data marketing and PR communication to offer one-stop integrated marketing communication services. Spearhead will continue investment in M&A of leading enterprises in the vertical market segments of mobile new media, digital marketing technology and entertainment marketing, and boost the development of resource platforms and solution products to realize the integrated operation of marketing service and communication ecological system and the effect of 1+1>2.


With “win-win harmony” as the core values, Spearhead has esteemed the harmonious integration of values of the company, the stockholders, the customers, the consumers, the employees and the society, and committed itself to realize “complete communication” through integrating massive resources and information, original, scientific and professional services and firm confidence, establish the most valuable linkages between consumers and brands, products and scenarios, sci-tech and originality, data and effects, present and future, win the recognition of customers, stockholders and markets and achieve “win-win harmony”. These are also the ideal and pursuance of Spearhead’s management and all employees to their marketing communication career.