Huang Xin (Rheal)

In 2002, Rheal Huang joined Huayijingxin(the predecessor of Spearhead IMC Group) and he successively took the important positions of the Operation Director of the Group and the General Director of Shanghai Branch. Currently, serving as the Board secretary, director and vice president of Spearhead IMC Group, Rheal is fully responsible for the Investment Management Department and Information Management Department, the information disclosure of the Group, the management of investor relations, equity affairs management, corporate governance, equity investment, preparation for the Board of Directors and shareholders' meeting, and the standardization of the Group's operation. Rheal is committed to the management of the informatization and standardization of the management platform of the Group as well.

With 15 years of experience in operation and management of integrated marketing, Rheal is familiar with marketing and enterprise management system, enterprise investment and development strategy planning, and good at business development and business negotiations, customer management, pre-investment evaluation and post management. Rheal has been dedicated to developing solutions to the operation and management optimization system of the Group and he has unique insights into informationization management and the development and transformation of enterprises.