Wilson Yao

Having entered advertising industry in 1995, Wilson Yao has served in multiple advertising agencies and joined Allyes Group in 2003. Wilson Yao, a creative and charismatic thinker, has been widely recognized as an expert in digital marketing integration in China, and he has abundant experience in business analysis, marketing and digital media integration.

Under the guidance of Wilson Yao, Allyes Group has achieved great progress and developed its own team culture which is fair, open and diversified. In 2016, Allyes Group proposed the “All IN ONE-Holistic Notion” to provide holistic digital integrated marketing services. With solid technological background, Allyes Group has been providing a multi-dimensional integrated marketing model combining advertising, searching, social interactions, E-commerce and big data for its customers. It has successfully conducted cooperation with overseas companies, facilitating the global development strategy of Allyes Group.

Wilson Yao attaches great importance to academic research on advertising industry and gets dedicated to cultivation of new talents. He visited the Communication University of China, Lanzhou University and Zhejiang University to share the latest industry information and trends with the students, who gave him a big applause.


Personal honors in 2016: Campaign A-List Hall of Fame · Data Analytics; 7th Golden Mouse Award Digital Marketing Contest• Most Influential Figure of the Year; 7th Tiger Roar Award• Figure Award of the Year; 30th Anniversary of Shanghai Advertising Association • Outstanding Contributor; 2016 4th Meihua Information Network • Marketing Innovation Observer of the Year; 2016 8th Golden Network Award • Top 60 at 20th Anniversary of Network Marketing.