Group Awards | Spearhead IMC Group and Huang Xiaochuan Win 2017 China 4A Golden Seal Awards


On October 28 and 29, China CreatiVision & Award Ceremony of the 12th China 4A Golden Seal Awards was held in Shanghai. As an important measure for continuous breakthroughs and active promotion of integration with international advertising industry, a series of activities including Creative Forum and Class of Creation and Sharing have been held at the event, which have vigorously promoted the international exchanges of Golden Seal Awards and China 4A with a more open vision. At the awards ceremony held in the previous evening, Spearhead IMC Group was awarded the China 4A Outstanding Contribution Award of the Year, and Steaph Huang, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chairman of D&S Media Group, was awarded the China 4A Figure Award of the Year.


Creativity Forum

In the opening address on the launching day of the Creativity Forum, Li Xisha, President of China Advertising Association of Commerce (CAAC) extended his appreciations to the guests on site. According to Li, creativity is an eternal subject for advertisers which should be invested with more efforts. 2017 Creativity Forum has won great support from D&AD and the Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival. In recent years, many independent advertisers and creative hot shops have emerged. China 4A has shown its great interests in these companies, which are new forces. To better serve the industry and customers, CAAC has made the decision to set up the China 4A Creativity Hot Shop Alliance to advance China’s creativity industry onto a new height.


Li Xisha, President of China Advertising Association of Commerce (CAAC)

One of the highlights of 2017 China CreatiVision is that D&AD (British Global Creativity Award) has been introduced into China, and many legendary figures of the industry worldwide have been invited to deliver speeches in China to air their unique views on the D&AD selected works. Steve Vranakis, President of D&AD and Executive Creativity Supervisor of Google Innovation Labs said, "We share a vision of the future and look forward to common development." Mr. Steve has shared his life experience and held the opinion that diversity would boost creativity and bring people from different cultures together to spark new ideas.

Award Ceremony

In the evening of October 29, the 12th China 4A Golden Seal Awards was held. Spearhead IMC Group was awarded the China 4A Outstanding Contribution Award of the Year. Spearhead IMC Group is committed to developing itself into a Globalization Digitization AIO Services Group supported by the social contents of fashion and entertainment industries and big data for marketing, and constantly insists on sharing the benefits brought about by precision marketing in an ecological circle adhering to harmony and all-win.

In March 2017, Spearhead IMC Group formally joined the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China (China 4A) and became one of its member units. Since then Spearhead IMC Group has got more opportunities in real-time receiving of front-end information and directional communication, made in-depth integration of multi-dimensional ecological resources, provided better services for customers together with the other industry leading companies and member units. Joining hands with China 4A, Spearhead IMC Group has absorbed new ideas, taken new impetus and continuously contributed to the healthy, sound and orderly development of China's advertising industry. In April, Spearhead IMC Group and CAAC co-established a joint venture to build a professional investment fund for cultural media industry, actively distribute and integrate industrial resources, focus on investment and merging of high-quality subjects, raise funds and obtain investment income as a general partner identity, and promote the common development of industry, associations and companies.


Steaph Huang, Vice president of CAAC, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chairman of D&S Media Group won the China 4A Figure Award of the Year together with his peers, Amber Liu, Vice Secretary-General of CAAC, Vice President of LEO Digital Network, and CEO & Founder of Amber Communications, Vanessa Zhu, Secretary-General of Self-Discipline Committee of CAAC and Assistant to President of Greater China Region of Ogilvy & Mather, Maggie Wang, CEO & Founder of Target-uni Digital Marketing Group. 


(From left, Amber Liu, Vanessa Zhu, Steaph Huang and Maggie Wang)

As a leading figure of PR industry and content marketing, Steaph Huang, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chairman of D&S Media Group, is an expert of advertising think tank and renowned as the President of PR Huangpu Military Academy. Steaph Huang founded D&S Media Group in 1996, which is one of the earliest media groups in China and has ranked Top 5 in PR industry for 16 consecutive years. In 2014, under the leadership of Steaph Huang, D&S Media Group joined the A-share listed Spearhead IMC Group. As Co-president of the Group, Steaph Huang has been actively promoting the global strategy of Spearhead IMC Group based on big data and rich contents. With the changing of communication pattern featured by new media, Steaph Huang has keenly observed that mass communication and marketing integration with being content-driven as its core have become a tendency. Therefore Steaph Huang has been holding such professional development concepts as "technology and creativity promote the development of marketing industry, and the contents with potential energy create value", and committed to promoting the transformation of PR industry and content marketing in China.

In the meantime, as Vice President of CAAC, Vice-Chairman of Content Marketing Committee of CAAC, Executive Director of CIPRA and judge for the finals of many industry awards,  an expert of Marketing Research Institute and a renowned visiting professor for several famous higher institutions, Steaph Huang has also been committed to promoting China Content Marketing Summit and other high-end exchange activities, mining classic cases, nurturing industrial talents, and making contributions for the better development of the corresponding associations and industry.

Launched by China 4A (full name: THE ASSOCIATION OF ACCREDITED ADVERTISING AGENCIES OF CHINA) in 2006, China 4A Golden Seal Awards is a marketing activity to solicit and select the most excellent advertising works and creative advertising ideas, with the purpose of establishing the highest standards for creative advertising in China and praising outstanding advertising ideas. Over the past 11 years, China 4A Golden Seal Awards has won high concern and recognition in the areas of cultural innovation such as advertising, media and design and been recognized as one of the authoritative awards in China’s advertising industry.