Group Awards | Huang Xiaochuan Honored as 2017 China Communication Figure of the Year


Recently, Steaph Huang, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chairman of D&S Media Group, has been invited to attend the 6th China Communication Leadership Forum, and participate in the "Innovation and Value" and Panel "Crossover Integration" roundtable conferences. At the Gala Communication 2017 Grand Ceremony Steaph Huang was honored as 2017 China Communication Figure of the Year.

Steaph Huang, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chairman of D&S Media Group attended the "Innovation and Value" Roundtable Conference and aired his view. According to Huang, the word "communication" is not suitable for the current "sharing" era and contents should not only be created by marketing communications agencies. With full sincerity, we interact with our consumers to create brand and enrich contents. I can't change any of the facts, but I can change your perception of the facts and what I want to do now is to change it together with you and realize content marketing with value sharing as the core. Hu Xulei, the CMO of Shouqi Limousine and Chauffeur Service, Yang Meihong, Vice President of Brilliance BMW, Jiao Long, CEO of Blue Focus Digital Marketing Agency, and Xu Jun, the host of the ceremony and Vice-President of North Asian Region of Unilever, joined in the on-site dialogue as well.


In the subsequent closed-door meeting at the forum, Steaph Huang delivered a speech titled PR Innovation and Crossover Integration, in which he mentioned that contents only come to limelight nowadays though PR has been always about contents. For good contents, the following three points should be met. First, contents with shared value should be able to attract the attention and interests of consumers and promote their active participation and information-sharing. Secondly, contents need potential energy and only the contents with potential energy can arouse the interests and sharing of consumers and be re-communicated for the second and third times. Thirdly, the forms of content interaction experience upgrade fast, from video interaction, knowledge interaction, emotional interaction to live interaction. Faced with more and more forms of interaction, how to choose amidst platforms? According to Huang, the core of choice is to find brand relevance and build emotional resonance with consumers as well.


On the evening, the Award Ceremony of the 6th Suqin Awards was held. Steaph Huang was awarded 2017 China Communication Figure of the Year. Steaph Huang is a senior PR personnel and experts in content marketing with his industry status being highly recognized by many competitions, and he really deserves this award. With the change of communication pattern represented by new media, Steaph Huang has keenly observed that the large-scale communication with being content-driven as the core and marketing integration have become the trend. Steaph Huang is committed to expanding the space for the development of PR industry and promoting innovation and development of Chinese content marketing industry.


The presentation speech given by the Organizing Committee to Steaph Huang is as follows. Steaph Huang, 2017 China Communication Figure of the Year, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chairman of D&S Media Group, is the mainstay, witness and facilitator of the development of China's communication industry. Zheng Yannong, the Executive Vice Chairman of CIPRA, presented the award to Steaph Huang. In his acceptance speech, Steaph Huang said he has witnessed and participated in the evolvement of Chinese PR industry and he really appreciates the efforts and support from Vice Chairman Zheng, Xiang Yang, Wen Quan and PR practitioners.


In 2017, under the leadership of Steaph Huang, D&S Media Group, as one of the most powerful local PR agencies, set up a digital IP center to lead the whole industry. In the meantime, D&S Media Group has maintained steady growth in term of performance, talent introduction and internal development, gained good reputation from customers, and maintained its Top 5 position in the industry.

Steaph Huang actively promotes industry exchanges as well. In 2017, D&S Media Group has hosted the 2nd China Content Marketing Summit after its successful holding of the 1st Summit in 2016. Steaph Huang has been spreading his professional views by the channels such as IAI Festival International Advertising Awards, Tiger Roar Award Ceremony, Forum on Cross Straits Marketing and Communication, Macau International Advertising Festival Digital Marketing Industry Forum, Social Media Marketing Forum, industry activities, public lectures and media interviews. He has actively promoted the interaction and development of cross-strait industries, and conducted sharing and communication in Taiwan and Macau. Steaph Huang has participated in 2017 Cross-strait University Students Maker Camp to give full support and provide internship opportunities for the campers.


Huang also spares no effort in promoting research and development of the industry and cultivating talents for the future. In 2017, as an industry tutor of Minzu University of China, Steaph Huang has given classes and organized internships for the postgraduates from the School of Literature and Journalism. As a keynote speaker for Tiger Roar Frontier Courses on Business Commercial Communication, Steaph Huang has given classes to the students of Fu Jen Catholic University and Renmin University of China, and given lectures at institutions of higher learning such as Tianjin Foreign Studies University and China Women's University. Steaph Huang has promoted the establishment of Brand Communication Research Center jointly by D&S Media PR Consulting Service and Communication University of China, as well as the establishment of Spearhead IMC Group Off-Campus Practice Base of Beijing Technology and Business University to integrate teaching and learning and cultivate outstanding talents. 


Profile of Steaph Huang 

Steaph Huang, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chairman of D&S Media Group, has been engaged in PR industry for 25 years. He started his PR career in 1992 and established D&S Media Group in1996. In 2014, D&S Media Group joined the A-share listed company Spearhead IMC Group and Steaph Huang began to serve as the co-president of the Group. As a leading figure of PR industry, Steaph Huang is one of the earliest explorers in China’s PR industry and a senior opinion leader in the field of marketing planning. Famous as a PR expert in China, Steaph Huang is an executive director of China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) and an expert of Phoenix Native Marketing Research Institute. He has been invited to be the final judge for International Effie Awards, Tiger Roar Award and Golden Mouse Award. Steaph Huang is a visiting professor of Communication University of China, Minzu University of China, Beijing Technology and Business University and Guilin University as well.

Personal Honors in 2017

  • Being elected as the director of the Working Committee of PR Companies of China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) during the 4th China PR Carnival held by CIPRA;

  • China 4A Figure Award of the Year 

  • 2017 China Communication Figure of the Year

  • China Outstanding Brand Marketing Award- Outstanding Marketing Figure of the Year

  • Individual Outstanding Contribution Award at the 30th Anniversary of the Development of Advertising Industry in Beijing