Group Awards | D&S Media Group Won One Golden and One Silver Case Prizes at the 6th Golden Bee Award


The 6th Social Networking Marketing Forum and Award Ceremony of Golden Bee Award was held on November 17. The case Huiyuan Brand Communication of Life After Life-Blooms Over Blooms won the Golden Award in the category of Best Brand Marketing, and the case Huiyuan Public Open Day Brand Communication won the Silver Award in the category of Best Video Clip Marketing. Both were produced by D&S Media Group, a subsidiary of Spearhead IMC Group.


Golden Award in the Category of Best Brand Marketing

D&S Media Group

Huiyuan Brand Communication of Life After Life ̶ Blooms Over Blooms


Huiyuan Brand Communication of Life After Life-Blooms Over Blooms is an integrative promotion based on the IP contents authorized by the movie Life After Life-Blooms Over Blooms. With the cooperation of two different industries, Huiyuan Group hopes to be more accessible for youth group and enhance their attention and favor of Huiyuan Products. On the other hand, smart integration of brand features and the value outlooks on movies reflects that it is capable of conveying the brand concept to consumers inadvertently, increasing product awareness and making Huiyuan products much closer to consumers.

To this end, D&S Media Group has developed a strategy for Huiyuan - Multi-dimensional Extension of IP Form and Rhythmic Release IP Contents, which centers on the rights and interests of the movie Life After Life ̶ Blooms Over Blooms, extends the IP contents from multiple perspectives such as customized movie warm-up posters, brand comic strips, celebrity-as–microblog-spokesperson videos, live videos, and releases IP contents hierarchically to keep pace with the publicity and publication of the movie.

Our media strategy focuses on social media platforms such as microblog, WeChat and, to vigorously interact with fans. Yizhibo and Taobaolive are also utilized to make in-time interactions with young people to guide more customers to enjoy E-commerce. In the meantime, the first ad at application start has been developed at the APPs of Moji Weather and to achieve targeted advertising.


Taking Accompany You Life After Life to Feast Ourselves as the communication theme, the activities are carried out in four stages, i.e. early-stage voice-out, key-communication stage (one month before movie release), movie-release period and long-tail period.

  • Early stage is featured by customized warm-up posters to fully attract the attention of star fans;

  • Key-communication stage is featured by comprehensive outbreak, which utilizes comic strips, celebrity-as –microblog-spokesperson videos, and other forms to make continuous communication with young customers;

  • Live broadcast is utilized in release stage to integrate brand communication, E-commerce channels and product sales organically to divert target customers to product sales and realize the truly close-loop for integration marketing.

The overall project was exposed for 130 million times, among which the number of exposures on microblogs reached 106,548,485 with sina microblog ranking the first, the number of exposures on WeChat reached 109,322, and Huiyuan micro index-hot discussion index reached 60,944. More than 46% of consumers have given their positive feedback to Huiyuan products. The innovative promotion with joint movie name and live video has aroused hot discussion among consumers. The creative integration of the love concept in movie Life After Life-Blooms Over Blooms and Huiyuan 100% Juice, and taking crayfish together with juice have won widespread praise by consumers. The project has played an active role in promoting the popularity of products and the dissemination of brand concept. And the cooperation with hot IPs has achieved the integration of branding and actual effects and won unanimous praise from the industry.


Silver Prize in the Category of Best Video Clip Marketing

D&S Media Group

Huiyuan Open Day Video Communication Case


The year of 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Huiyuan Group. For a whole generation, Huiyuan has become a synonym for emotion and health. As a leading juice enterprise in China, Huiyuan Group has gradually formed a new pattern with juice industry as its main body and the mutual promotion and common development of Huiyuan juice, Huiyuan fruit industry and Huiyuan agriculture being realized. However, in the hearts of consumers, Huiyuan is also synonymous with juice with high reputation and fame. At its 25th anniversary, Huiyuan hopes to consolidate its brand impression and present to consumers its excellence which has been condensed in the past 25 years in a comprehensive way.


To consolidate the original impression that consumers have already formed on Huiyuan juice which is healthy and tasty, convey the brand information of Huiyuan juice products, garden-like factories, sterile production workshops and green ecological agricultural bases to consumers, and enhance consumers’ understanding and favor of Huiyuan brand, D&S Media Group has developed the strategy of Video Marketing First and Experiential Marketing Following for Huiyuan products.

  • The happy and easy-going Open-Day viral music So you are Such a Huiyuaner has been released to hold the consumer's visual and auditory attention. In addition, the god-level cartoon IPs such as Emperor Kangxi and Eunuch Sandezi are employed to trigger the audience's enthusiasm in self-propagation;

  • The brainwashing viral music has been implanted into the Huiyuan Open Day Offline Recruitment H5 and the APP start screen of Toutiao to target at young consumer group and attract the concern and participation of consumers;

  • H5 recruited netizens, KOL and internet celebrities are invited to participate in offline experience activities on open day, such as visiting Huiyuan juice filling workshops and intelligent greenhouses, experiencing fitness walk, and tasting organic small hot pots. Celebrity Live Video attracts a lot of netizens as well. The participants spontaneously publicize the activities on social media to expand influence.


During the event, the total exposure times of Huiyuan open-day promotion have been nearly 110 million with Sina microblog ranking first. The total times of exposure on the launching day of video have increased by 71%. Project promotion has facilitated the volume of Huiyuan brand by 14%. Huiyuan search index has increased by 38% over that before promotion. More than 80% of consumers on microblogging platform have given their positive feedback on Huiyuan products. The project allows consumers to perceive Huiyuan brand in an all-round way from the aspects of vision, smell, touch and tastes to deepen their understanding of Huiyuan brand, shorten their distance from brand and enhance their trust and favor over Huiyuan products.