Group Awards | Spearhead IMC Group Wins Multiple 2017 Tiger Roar Awards Again


From May 18 to 19, the 2017 Tiger Roar International Communication Festival & the 8th Tiger Roar Award Ceremony with the theme of "Intelligent New World" was held in Shanghai. Spearhead IMC Group and its subsidiaries were quite remarkable, winning five grade awards and four excellent awards.


The Forum

On the morning of May 18, the 11th Tiger Roar International Forum was held as scheduled, which was sponsored by China Advertising Association of Commerce, academically guided by National Advertising Research Institute, and co-organized by the Digital Marketing Committee of China Advertising Association of Commerce and the Organizing Committee of Tiger Roar Award. Many top experts, scholars and celebrities in multiple fields assembled in Shanghai and explored the impacts of intelligence development on social organization, economic form, cultural creativity and furthermore on advertising marketing industry themed by new digital economy in the era of intelligence.


Li Xisha, president of China Advertising Association of Commerce delivered the opening remarks. He stressed that theory cannot be separated from practice and practice should be guided by theory. A marketer should pay attention to research and discussion on the problems occurred in practice and the accumulated experience as well. Specialists and experts were invited to give theoretical guidance. In this digital age, the access to internet is an important feature. Only by being online, real-time and full coverage and description of the behavior of consumers and application can be made at any time. At the same time, the digital age has given birth to a more transparent, fair and open platform on which everything can be shared.


Meanwhile, Li Xisha also said that currently Tiger Roar Forum was the only national high-level digital marketing forum winning high attention and a platform for mutual learning and communication. Thanks to the wide recognition of the platform, Tiger Roar Forum has established its own brand after more than one decade of development. Li expected that marketers in the future would have more opportunities to get together, share opinions and seek common development for the industry, as well as hold the activities alike to bring forth wisdom, popularity and solutions on this platform. 


As the host of the opening forum, Steaph Huang, co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and chairman of D&S Media Group initiated a hot discussion and ideas sharing on new digital new economy in the era of intelligence. Four distinguished experts and scholars from different fields delivered their enlightening keynote speeches.

Award Ceremony

On the evenings of May 18 and 19, the 8th Tiger Roar Award Ceremony was held in Shanghai. Chen Xubin, president of Tiger Roar Media, launcher of Tiger Roar Award, and secretary-general of the Digital Marketing Committee of China Advertising Association of Commerce; and Jeffery Wu, president of the jury of the 8th Tiger Roar Award, co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of D&S Media Group, delivered speeches on the award ceremony on May 18. On the ceremony Steaph Huang and Jeffery Wu also conferred awards to the winners. 


List of Award Winners of the 8th Tiger Roar Award

by Spearhead IMC Group and its Subsidiaries

Comprehensive Category Silver Award in Public Transportation and Services

Allyes Group

A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge Network Communication Activity


"A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge Network Communication" Activity featuring the fuel-saving advantage of the product has been developed into a new event and then spread by multiple media to arouse potential customers' interests and realize market promotion. Roewe organized offline Fuel-Saving Challenge activities in the areas of Hexi Corridor and selected "the King of Fuel-Saving" by holding competitions at different levels, which were widely covered by major vertical websites with the selling point as fuel saving. In the meantime, the originally boring Fuel-Saving Challenge was full of fun and aroused great attention via live video and internet celebrities economy by online and offline interactions. With good reputation, the activities won the silver award in the category of public transportation and services. 

Single Category Silver Award in Content Marketing

Allyes Group

Zodiac Culture Communication Activities on New Media Greeting the New Year of Chinese Ding Younian


"Zodiac Culture Communication Activities on New Media Greeting the New Year of Chinese Ding Younian" takes Ding Younian Zodiac stamps and Wish You a Happy New Year as the basic resources and releasing occasion, utilize the marketing selling point at the beginning of a new year, and conduct online activities to promote cultures in order to spread Chinese zodiac culture and stamp-collecting culture, and cultivate potential market for stamp-collecting culture on new media. Spread the cultures through social media, carry out promotional activities in stages, arouse emotional sympathy and win recognition in the form acceptable by youngsters, and thus arouse concern and conduct interaction. The activity won the silver award in the category of content marketing. 

Comprehensive Category Bronze Award in the Category of Motor Vehicle

Single Category Bronze Award in Integrated Marketing

D&S Media Group

Geely GC9 (Borui) Live Video Studio- 24h Continuous Disassembling of China Vehicles VS Japan Vehicles


D&S Media Group proposes that Geely GC9 (Borui) takes the initiative to regard the vehicles produced by joint ventures as its benchmark to fight against the traditional idea that Chinese car has never been praised in term of quality. By the live video event of 24h continuous disassembling of a mainstream Chinese B vehicle and a mainstream Japanese B vehicle, and the qualities of Chinese vehicles and Japanese vehicles have been objectively manifested, which has subverted the traditional understanding. The entire spread of the event has integrated new media matrix such as industry media, video websites, live video media, Weibo, WeChat, We-media KOL, and quickly become a hot event drawing great attention from industry and society. As the representative of China high-end manufacturing, the notion that the true quality of Geely-900 is not inferior to that of the vehicles produced by joint ventures has been widely recognized, which has vigorously promoted the brand image of Geely and remodel the belief of Made in China.


Single Category Bronze Award in Big Data Marketing

Spearhead IMC Group

Budweiser CEM Data Marketing


Spearhead IMC Group collects the information on consumers (including their basic information, interactive actions and purchasing records) from various channels, which will be removed off the repetitive parts, digitalized and saved. Insight tool has been adopted to divide the phases of life cycles where consumers are in to generate the behavior portrait of consumers, make labeling processing and consumer segmentation, and produce a complete data analysis report. During member management, member grade is set according to consumers’ shopping behaviors, distribute targeted coupons according to membership points, and open access to members by online and offline channels to attract new members. In light of operation and maintenance of members, the analysis report on content operation, marketing and different forms of marketing activity has been made, producing good activity effect. 

Excellence Award Beverage- Non-Alcoholic Category

D&S Media Group

Integrated Marketing of Yili Group Research Documentary on China Breast Milk


Excellent Award Other Category

D&S Media Group

V Gathers Positive Energy——Announcement Ceremony 

for Five Top 10 Awards of 1st Public Security Network Positive Energy


Excellent Award of Automobile

Allyes Group

Beijing Hyundai Verna Launched “Always be Happy with Myself”Innovative Marketing Activity 


Excellent Award of Technology Marketing

Spearhead Think-Branding

Launching Ceremony of New Products of Samsung Household Appliances