Group Awards | D&S Media Group Wins 2 Award of 2017 Golden Vision Award


"Touching Advertisement builds up famous brand —— Golden Vision Award, Top Quality and Far-reaching Power." At the China Advertising Summit & the Award Ceremony of the 9th Golden Vision Award just concluded with the theme of the ever-changing marketing, D&S Media Group has won 1 Golden Award and 1 Silver Award. Vision SUV Collective Wedding Ceremony won the Golden Award of comprehensive category; Case of Launching, Publicity and Integration of FAW-Volkswagen C-TREK won the Silver Award in the category of integrated communication. Huang Xiaochuan, co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and chairman of D&S Media Group, attended the ultimate PK Contest and presented awards to the winners. 


Golden Award in Comprehensive Category 

Vision SUV Collective Wedding Ceremony


Vision SUV is a compact SUV of Geely Automobile. It was initially launched to meet the needs of travel with its slogan as "Our vision, Our happiness". To facilitate the consumers' quick understanding of the happiness label of Vision SUV, D&S Media Group held a big event - Vision SUV Collective Wedding Ceremony with 30 couples being invited, which aroused great public attention and further enhanced the brand value. 360-degree and multi-angle exposure of the event by TV, newspaper and networks was conducted to increase the influence and arouse public attention. 

In the early stage, creative posters were used for warm-up. The spread and diffusion are made via WeChat clients. The combination of precision delivery with pan-mass popularization has achieved the best marketing effect. And in the later stage, video and selected photos were produced to promote the activity.

In term of the overall effect, all the articles on WeChat have been read for more than 2 million times within 7 days. Many online media, print media, broadcast media, TV media and We-media have made wide coverage. By November 14, online news has been viewed for more than 10 million times.


Silver Award in Integrated Communication

Launching, Publicity and Integration of FAW-Volkswagen C-TREK


As the first crossover wagon produced by FAW Volkswagen as well as one of the seven brands of FAW Volkswagen, C-TREK is in an urgent need of leading the public opinion via media during its launching to raise brand awareness and reputation for this brand-new model.

D&S Media Group integrates a series of innovative communication means, takes the four steps of debut, test driving and travel, publicity and joint launching, centers on the product positioning of C-TREK crossover wagon, and has made a great success in terms of media reputation, media communication, public response and market sale. Amidst the fierce red sea competition in China's auto market, C-TREK has blazed a trail for exclusive marketing to facilitate FAW-Volkswagen's to open a blue sea market and ushered in the spring for the wagon market in China. During the launching period, 99% media have made positive coverage of C-TREK, and C-TREK has obtained more than 200 million spreading value and brand power, attracting great public attention. The media hold high expectations of C-TREK growth in China's wagon market.

In December 2016, the second month after its launching, C-TREK sold 4,769 new vehicles in a single month, accounting for 81.2 percent of the market in China in December 2016. In January 2017, the third month after its launching, C-TREK sold more than 10,000 vehicles. In total, 10,671 new vehicles have been sold, which sets the record of quick development of wagon market in China and the highest monthly sales record. C-TREK has been recognized as the No.1 brand and the leader in China's wagon market, successfully activating China's wagon market which has slept for many years.



Steaph Huang, co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and chairman of D&S Media Group, attended the ultimate PK Contest as one of the judges for the Golden Vision Award and presented the award to the winners.