Group Awards | AdView Awarded the Most Innovative Breakthrough Technology Marketing Platform


On April 28, AdView, a partnership of Spearhead IMC Group and a globally leading independent third-party mobile advertising and trading platform, was honored as the “Most Innovative Breakthrough Technology Marketing Platform of GMIC 2017” at the Award Ceremony of GMX Science & Technology Innovation Awards.

AdView really deserves this award. In 2016, AdView got forward-looking insights into industry demands, upgraded its globalization strategy, vigorously researched and developed new technologies, led the trends of the industry and launched many new products, to provide more high-quality mobile advertising trading services and for global advertisers and flow providers.

New products launched by AdView:


1. Global Platform

Domestic mobile internet has entered an age of stock, and starting business outbound has become a popular demand among developers and enterprises.

AdView sets its overseas headquarters in Bangalore and carries its businesses mainly in Beijing, Hong Kong and the Western United States. Global intelligent DNS and CDN have been applied for the acceleration of providing quality, transparent and normative mobile advertising and trading services featured by "a key to globalization" for global customers. AdView has made in-depth cooperation with dozens of well-known advertising platforms globally, contacted massive stars and media in an independent manner, expanded global data management platforms, promoted advertising optimization ability, successfully helped many partners and their products to go out of or enter the Chinese market, and won positive response from its partners.

2. Overall Video Advertising Solution

In the past, video ads have limited compatibility with RTB and the SDK of Android is far from maturity.

In this regard, AdView launched a whole video advertising solution with the latest iOS/Android duel operating system, which not only supports traditional mainstream video advertising form, but also highlights video advertising to help developers create more video advertising spaces and monetize internet flows. AdView video SDK is fully compatible with full support VAST protocol, bringing video advertising to the RTB Era - all video flow can be traded in RTB manner, which saves manpower and time for communication, drastically improving video advertising media fill rate, and make expenses, income and costs be able to be estimated.


3. Screen Alliance

At present, most Apps are designed to simplify the delivery complexity and guarantee the reasonable price of high quality advertising and the flow of screen advertising is sold in CPD manner with the general price as 100,000 yuan per day. Thus, the cost of screen advertising space is very high for advertisers. In addition, for a single App, even the Hero App's user coverage is relatively small, the screen opening rate is relatively fixed, and the value conversion rate of screen advertising is relatively lower.

AdView, with its own advantages in media resources, launched the Screen Alliance. When advertisement is launched via the "Screen Alliance", advertisers can deliver advertisements on screen at multiple Apps with basically the same advertising fees, which can be settled in CPM manner as well. For example, an advertiser can only make advertisement on an App a day with 1 million yuan, while Screen Alliance enables an advertiser to make accurate delivery in different regions at the prime hour at multiple Apps under the Alliance. Instantly, the number of mobile phone users has been expanded by several times, the exposure has been greatly improved, and the advertising effect achieved by Screen Alliance with only 1 million is much better than that with 20 million in the previous manner.

4. Agent System

Many small developers and agents need mobile advertising trading, but they have no adequate energy or technologies for operations, not to mention building up an advertising trading system.

Based on this situation, AdView has launched a mobile advertising agency system for internet flow owners and advertisers. The flow owners could use it for the flow monetization. And the advertisers could use it not only to make advertising on the media of AdView but also deliver the advertisement on their own media to greatly improve the marketing efficiency of the agents.

In 2017, AdView will continue to invest in product research and development, seek for the needs of digital marketing industry, and make greater contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of mobile advertising ecological chain.