Spearhead Launched the MW Program to Achieve Collaborative Growth


Spearhead officially launched the "MW Program" in Beijing and Shanghai of China on September 19 and September 21 respectively to promote the upgraded collaborative incentive policy. Nearly 200 core business and functional personnel from Spearhead and its subsidiaries such as Think-Branding IMC (including EasTide and Auto Spearhead), D&S, Allyes, etc. participated in the ceremony. 


The MW Program means "From Me To We", which is aimed at promoting business cooperation and collaboration among subsidiaries of Spearhead, enhancing the integration effect of business units in client, business, resources and other aspects, and coordinating growth through a series of positive and effective incentive policies and business guidance models to make the business between subsidiaries "form a whole body" and create greater value.


First, Spearhead Chairman Polo Liu made a speech. He said that the Group had been adhering to the "endogenous growth+extensional investment" development strategy since its listing. The Group's earliest extensional investment was the mergers and acquisitions of D&S and Allyes, two flagship companies in segments, that is, layout started from the content side and the side of big data marketing. 

As for big data marketing, Think-Branding IMC, a subsidiary of Spearhead, planned to wholly acquire Smaato, the world's largest independent third-party advertising platform, with M&A funds. The Group had also completed the investment in AdView. Kuaiyou had AdView, an independent third-party mobile advertising trading platform that was leading in China, and mobile effect marketing platform.


Polo stressed that Spearhead's investment in these segment leaders was a careful decision made after a comprehensive assessment of the feasibility of collaboration between them and the core business of the Group, and Spearhead insisted on "collaborative integration" after the completion of investment. No matter how remarkable the results of extensional investment are, the market only believes in the actual profit increase and collaborative growth rate. Since last year, with the strong support of business management model innovation and financial and other supporting resources, Spearhead had achieved initial success in business collaboration.

This time, Spearhead grandly launched the new collaborative incentive policy "MW Program" with "pragmatic" as the key word, which was aimed at providing a more open space to "truly meet the demand for long and short-term incentives". Meanwhile, collaboration was not only related to personal interests, but also closely related to the fulfillment of Spearhead's future strategy. Liu Wei believed that in the current market environment, it was performance, namely real figures, that made a company big and strong. The feasibility ofSpearhead's future strategic layout could be more credible only when excellent "endogenous" performance was made. The launch of the  "MW Program" would directly enhance business contacts between the subsidiaries, expand advantages in business competition and promote performance growth.

Alex Xu, Vice President in charge of Collaborative Integration of Spearhead, further proposed three concepts, namely "cross-border collaboration", "global collaboration" and "brand collaboration", and encouraged the subsidiaries to actively make innovations and meet the diversified needs of clients, achieve Global Reach, break the restrictions of content, create greater value, and enhance the overall brand competitiveness of Spearhead through collaboration. 


Alex also introduced the specific content of Spearhead's latest collaborative incentive policy in details, that is, no matter the business was successful or not, the Group would give the subsidiary, team or individual, no matter it was business introducer or undertaker, different degrees of incentives, and the Group had established quarterly and annual awards; it also made clear provisions on the distribution of profits arising from collaboration between the subsidiaries to enhance confidence in collaboration, strengthen collaboration management and improve collaboration results. 

Before the official launch of the "MW Program", Spearhead had established a "Collaboration Committee" composed of business executives of the Group and its subsidiaries, and staff were recruited to be responsible for collaboration of different business units. At the scene of the event, the staff responsible for collaboration introduced the resources and capabilities of their own business unit to deepen the participants' understanding of the Group's business units.


A the launch ceremony in Shanghai, the participants on and off the stage carried out full interaction and communication on the incentive policy, put forward a lot of suggestions on how to implement the policy closely around the "pragmatic" principle, and also reached a consensus on the significance of collaboration, laying a positive and good foundation for the future work. 

【10】上海现场 - 姚晓洁Wilson.JPG


【12】上海现场 - Sandy.JPG


The concept of "collaboration" was actively implemented in on-site registration and activities. Every employee was required to form a pair with a colleague from different business units for registration, and employees from different subsidiaries were asked to form a team and carry out interaction and exchanges in the form of workshop. Links such as "on-site question raising, collaborative discussion, simulation proposal and on-site PK" were designed to deepen the understanding of each other's business units and the incentive policy and inspire new ideas for collaboration. The winning team received cash prizes from the Group on the spot.




So far, the "MW Program" of Spearhead has successfully launched. This is just a start. Afterwards, Spearhead group will establish a collaboration platform, and continue to improve the implementation of communication, feedback and reporting mechanism, etc. to strengthen "collaboration" step by step and achieve the transition from method to way, from money to win and from marketing to world.

We will open a magic world and create new splendor!