Allyes Joined Hands with Tencent to Explore New Ideas of Internet Marketing


The 2016 Allyes & Tencent Client Forum with "Gather New Ideas to Win the Future" as the theme was held in Beijing on June 29. Marketing experts from Allyes and Tencent discussed the new trend of Internet marketing and shared competitive communication resources with the participants. Allyes Senior Vice President Chen Wen, Allyes North China General Manager Cui Song, Tencent Online Media National Channel Business Group Director Cui Jiahui, Tencent Online Media Commercialization Head Ding Mingrui and dozens of senior managers from well-known brands in the field of automobile, IT, household chemicals, real estate, logistics, catering, food, etc. participated in this event. 


Today, Internet marketing has become a main way of brand communication. The two sides will combine Allyes' practical experience in digital integrated marketing with Tencent's big platform advantages to help advertisers achieve both brand awareness and practical benefits. 

  • Digital integrated marketing pioneer Allyes promotes brand marketing

Allyes was established in 1998 and has branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. It is committed to providing clients with user contact-based whole-process digital integrated marketing solutions. As an early pioneer of digital integrated marketing services, Allyes has accumulated rich experience in the field of brand communication.

The business evolution of Allyes reflects the development history of China's digital marketing industry: Allyes was a digital technology company before; later, it transformed into a digital advertising company; with the development of business model and technology, it became a digital integrated marketing solutions agency; in the subsequent wave of big data, Allyes returned to data and PC-based programmatic marketing for greater competitiveness; the rapid development of mobile information technology drove Allyes to transform into a Uni digital marketing service provider (integration of O2O and IMC) and enter the field of "big data marketing", a cutting-edge core digital technology field, becoming the key engine to promote the digital upgrading of the traditional advertising and promotion business of its parent company Spearhead Group. 


Allyes Senior Vice President Chen Wen is delivering a speech.

Allyes Senior Vice President Chen Wen said, “As ‘the legend of digital marketing’, Allyes has been leading innovations in China's big data marketing technology, while Tencent will provide us with a broader platform as a digital media leader. We will continue to create our own value through cooperation.”


Allyes National Strategy Director Li Huan is delivering a keynote speech.

  • Tencent opens up new opportunities for brand communication with "content" layout in three major areas.

Tencent marketing experts shared Tencent's new insights into Internet marketing.

With the rapid development and popularization of mobile Internet, our life has been saturated with it, and young users and low-tier cities are also widely covered. In this post-connection time, content is undoubtedly a treasure for the mining of marketing value. To this end, Tencent will distribute its competitive resources to three major areas in 2016. 


Tencent Online Media Commercialization Head Ding Mingrui is delivering a speech.

Entertainment-Retain consumers with “copyright” and “network resources”

In order to cater to the tastes of consumers, Tencent is distributing copyright and network resources to film and television and variety shows. In terms of film and television, Tencent has introduced the intellectual property of the palace drama Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, the epic fantasy television drama series Ice Fantasy and The Legend of Chusen: Qing Yun Zhi, HBO's drama Game of Thrones, etc., which will be presented at the Tencent platform; meanwhile, Wang Kai, Jin Dong and other popular stars will have wonderful performance in Tencent-produced TV series such as When a Sail Falls in Love, Candle in the Tomb, etc. In terms of variety shows, the classic and prime-time program Running Man and the Voice of China and the new music show the Last Singer will make the audience enjoy their leisure time; Food Temptation, Go Wardrobe, Zuo (Fussy) Like Me and other Tencent-produced programs will bring consumers new experiences.

Sports-Enjoy the exciting competitions

2016 is a sports year. As the only Internet service partner of the 2013-2020 Chinese Olympic Committee, Tencent has many exclusive rights related to product, advertising, reporting, etc. In the second half of 2016, Tencent will integrate the resources of multiple channels and multiple terminals such as Tencent Video, Tencent News, etc. and seize the opportunity of the Rio Summer Olympics to spare no effort to offer a 24-hour, all-star and global vision and model-based brand feast. In terms of programs broadcast at the end of the year, the exclusive online NBA broadcast right will also bring a perfect winter meal to basketball fans.

Information-Mobile news from client to various scenes

News has surpassed search and become the second largest mobile demand of Internet users. Based on its multi-platform and multi-entry advantages, Tencent mobile news has formed three levels, namely extensive reading with WeChat and QQ as the pillar, intensive reading with Tencent news client and Daily Express as the "dual engines" and subdivided reading composed of optional stock, game watching, auto purchase and other Apps. This pattern can meet brand communication needs from the perspective of coverage, interaction and depth.

Intelligent platform brings brands and consumers closer

As the proposer of "Internet Plus", Tencent is not only committed to vigorous development of the connector and content industries, but also good at bringing the commercial potential of resources into play. In terms of the WeChat platform, with which we are familiar, in addition to advertising in the "moments" page, the "WeChat ecology" formed around payment, financial management, coupons and other functions is developing more business opportunities. Based on the massive data resources of QQ ID, Tencent Mind data can provide advertisers with clearer portraits of users, and can also list some currently important dimensions on users' portraits, such as basic attributes, media environment, user behavior, hobbies, user status, etc., to make programmatic buying more effective. In the field of over-the-top TV (OTT TV), Penguin TV is constructing a new ecology of living room entertainment to make TV become a medium for interaction between brands and consumers like an intelligent terminal. 


Dialogue between Tencent Online Media National Channel Business Group Director Cui Jiahui and Allyes North China General Manager Cui Song

Tencent Online Media National Channel Business Group Director Cui Jiahui said, “Tencent's competitive advantages can not only accurately locate the audience and create contact opportunities for brands, but also provide forward-looking insights into consumption so that marketing can be more precisely targeted.” 


A group photo of participants