Global Offices Celebrates 12th Anniversary of Smaato


August 18 is the birthday of 12-year-old Smaato! All the Smaaties from global offices were celebrating in their own way.






Smaato is a global real-time advertising platform for mobile distributors and application developers. Smaato operates the world’s largest independent mobile advertising trading platform and has been engaged in pioneering innovative, mobile-first solutions since 2005. Currently, Smaato has collaborated with more than 90,000 leading developers and distributors of mobile applications, and provided services for more than 10,000 well-known advertisers worldwide. The Smaato mobile advertising platform covers 1 billion independent mobile users each month, bringing 10 billion times of advertising displays every day.

Smaato China Office is recruiting new members and some vacant positions are as follows:

  • 1. Sales Engineer

  • 2. Legal Intern

  • 3. Manager, Demand Business Development

  • 4. Manager, Supply Business Development

Search and follow the WeChat subscription number “Smaato” or click for more job information.