Spearhead IMC Group Releases Q3 Performance Report: Revenue Exceeds 2.6 Billion Yuan and Net Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent Company Increases by nearly 8%


In the evening of October 26, Spearhead IMC Group, a Globalization Digitization AIO Services Group (Securities Code: 300071) released its Q3 Performance Report of 2017. According to the performance report, the total revenue in the first three quarters of 2017 of Spearhead IMC Group reached 2,641,196,155.68 Yuan, increasing by 4.36% over the same period of 2016. The net profit attributable to the owners of parent company reached 135,129,045. 56 Yuan, increasing by 7.51% over the same period of 2016. The net profit attributable to the owners of listed company excluding non-recurring gains and losses reached 116,491,476.15 Yuan, increasing by 11.72% over the same period of 2016.

Spearhead IMC Group is committed to organic growth and extensive growth simultaneously to develop itself into a Globalization Digitization AIO Services Group supported by the social contents of fashion and entertainment industries and big data for marketing. In 2017, Spearhead IMC Group has been proactively promoting its globalization strategy and producing new profit growth based on rich contents and big data. In the third quarter of 2017, Spearhead IMC Group has announced that it plans to a establish a joint venture subsidiary−Shanghai Jiaxin Film  Investment Co., Ltd., to improve its service capabilities in content marketing as well as the industry chain layout of the company's integrated marketing.

Spearhead IMC Group has been committed to making investment and acquisition of the leading enterprises in vertical subdivision areas of mobile new media, digital marketing technology and entertainment marketing. It has improved its competiveness, promoted the establishment and development of resource platform, commercialized plans and solutions and realized the integrated operation of marketing services and communication ecosystem, producing the "one plus one is greater than two" effects.

At present, under Spearhead IMC Group there are many subsidiaries, namely Think Branding IMC, one of the most competitive and influential experiential marketing servicers in China, D&S Media Group, ranking among the top five PR agencies and reputed as PR Huangpu Military Academy, and Allyes Group, a wholly-owned professional network interactive marketing agency, as well as many associated brands, namely AdView as China’s leading mobile effect marketing platform, New 7 Days, a renowned E-commerce operator, and Shanghai Entertainment and Culture Corporation co-established by Spearhead IMC Group and Yongle Culture Group, which is the largest ticket service agency in China. After merging Smaato (USA), the world’s largest independent mobile advertising platform through buy-out funds, with the launch of Global Business Collaboration Association, Spearhead IMC Group has been conducting collaboration and cooperation on business resource sharing and promotion of Chinese enterprises to expand their business outbound with its subsidiaries such as D&S Media Group and Allyes Group as well as its associate brand Smaato, registering new performance growth. In the meantime, Spearhead IMC Group and its subsidiaries have proactively engaged in major awards selection of the industry and achieved good results, winning great concern and high recognition from peer companies and customers and moving our business forward.