Wilson YAO Invited to be Judge for 2017 US Mobius Awards International Advertising Competition


Recently, Wilson YAO, Co-president of Spearhead IMC Group and CEO of Allyes Group, was invited to serve as a judge for Digital: Online and Digital: Mobile of 2017 Mobius Awards International Advertising Competition.


Established in 1971, the US Mobius Awards is one of the five most important advertising awards worldwide. It aims to provide advertising agencies, advertising production houses, art directors and designers, movie companies, TV stations and advertisers around the world with an international platform where they can get a proper assessment of their achievements, and accordingly, to select the best works. As the US Mobius Awards reflects the latest trends in culture, the competition and selection facilitate good understanding of the avant-garde creative trends, expressions and production skills of current advertising industry. The trophy basically shaped in famous Mobius ring symbolizes infinite creativity and spreading, and endless communication as well.


The judges for all the categories of the US Mobius Awards are outstanding creative personnel in their corresponding fields. The fact that Wilson YAO was invited to serve as a judge for the US Mobius Awards is an acknowledgement of his achievements in digital marketing by an internationally recognized award, and will also bring lots of opportunities for Allyes Group to get more internationalized in the future.