Kuaiyou Updates Its Global Strategy to Build a Mobile Advertising IM Platform


Recently, ChinaJoy 2017 opened grandly, Kuaiyou Holding, in which Spearhead Group has shares, participated in the exhibition, and AdView, Kuaiyou and HMGaMes were displayed at W4-M905 booth of B to B area as a global integrated marketing product matrix. At the 2017 ChinaJoy World Mobile Game Conference (WMGC) that opened today, Kuaiyou Holding CMO Ma Na was invited to share her views on the global market environment of mobile Internet and the upgraded global strategic layout of Kuaiyou Holding, namely to build a world's leading mobile advertising integrated marketing platform.


In recent years, China's mobile Internet market has ushered in an age of stock, and increased client acquisition cost and decreased traffic sales price and advertising fill rates make the small and medium-sized developers have great difficulty in the domestic market.


In contrast, the mobile Internet market of many overseas developing countries is now at the stage of rapid development-the mobile network conditions are improving and the smartphone market shows strong growth, bringing considerable demographic dividend to companies that go out to the world; in addition, compared with companies in countries with low development index, Chinese companies have great advantages in technology accumulation, product innovation, talent reserves and other aspects.


"There are very good opportunities in the overseas mobile Internet market in recent years. The mobile Internet itself has no border, so products can be exported after only very small changes. Globalization has become the choice of many domestic Internet companies, and borderless mobile Internet operation has really been achieved." Ma said.

Seeing this favorable factor, Kuaiyou Holding upgraded its global strategy as a pioneer, and integrated its three sub-brands to build a world's leading mobile advertising integrated marketing platform:

AdView mobile advertising trading platform is a world's leading independent third-party mobile advertising trading platform. It manages 6 billion advertising requests every day, supports RTB, PMP and other programmatic ways and all forms of advertising, and provides transparent and standardized "globalization through one key" advertising trading services for 1 billion global users and 200,000 mobile applications.


Kuaiyou mobile effect marketing platform provides clients with integrated marketing solutions such as traffic integration, advertising optimization, etc. With the support of a strong data background, the platform is connected with more than 100,000 quality applications, operates more than 10 self-owned media and integrates more than 100 high-quality channel resources. It helps advertisers achieve the advertising targets of low investment, high conversion and high returns through in-depth big data mining, efficient resource allocation and targeted advertising.


HMGaMes is a company focusing on game development, operation and distribution. It is committed to developing mobile games of international quality and providing domestic and overseas game companies with professional distribution agency services and other services. HMGaMes has very strong independent research and development teams and distribution teams. So far, it has developed and released more than 10 quality mobile games, and it plans to independently develop and provide exclusive agency services for more than 15 games in 2017 and a number of large mobile and online games with IP. In the future, HMGaMes will cooperate with more domestic companies to continue to release game products with industry competitiveness and bring new ultimate experiences to players. 

Ma said, "Kuaiyou Holding has formed a unique and large-scale integrated marketing product matrix integrating global mobile traffic trading, effect marketing and mobile games distribution."

"Unlike the complex situation in the domestic market, mobile advertising programmatic trading is more widely used in foreign markets. It requires the completion of many actions within the fleeting tens of milliseconds, so good network conditions are particularly important for it."


In order to create the best network environment, Kuaiyou Holding has set up business nodes in Beijing, Hong Kong and Western America, and has enabled the global intelligent DNS, which will automatically determine a user's location based on his/her IP and make an automatic analysis on the IP of the business server at the corresponding location. In addition, Kuaiyou Holding has accelerated the global CDN to ensure that users around the world can quickly load ads within a short period of time, achieving a substantial improvement in user experience and monetization efficiency.


"Kaiyou Holding attaches great importance to the building of data capacity," Ma introduced, "It has been engaged in the mobile advertising industry for 7 years. On the basis of massive third-party data, with the first-hand advertising trading data as a strong supplement, it cooperates with dozens of internationally well-known advertising platforms to rate the global traffic and advertisements, share optimization capabilities and continuously optimize the upstream and downstream matching algorithms for mobile advertising, achieving a significant increase in mobile advertising efficiency."


Based on its great data and resource advantages, Kuaiyou Holding can provide traffic owners with high-fill rate and high-eCPM traffic monetization services in China, the United States, Canada, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. At the same time, multi-currency settlement and cross-border settlement are also advantages of Kuaiyou Holding, which can not only meet the needs of domestic traffic for overseas promotion, but also help overseas media achieve traffic monetization. 

Ma said that Kuaiyou Holding made unremitting efforts to introduce high-quality media traffic such as 58.com, MOMO, etc.; at the same time, Kuaiyou Holding continued to expand support for various forms of advertising-in addition to supporting the incentive videos, native advertising and other forms of advertising, it can also help developers establish positions for in-feed native advertising. Over the last 7 years, Kuaiyou Holding has provided services for many star Apps, and many star Apps such as Wacai.com, tuniu.com, Yibangke, etc. are long-term partners of Kuaiyou Holding.


"If you have any questions or needs in mobile marketing areas such as product promotion, traffic buying, traffic monetization, etc., whether you are an App developer, advertiser, or advertising agency, Kuaiyou Holding can provide you with customized recommendations and solutions." Ma Na said.


In the future, Kuaiyou Holding will continue to provide better customized one-stop mobile marketing services for global advertisers and traffic owners with its solid strength, pioneering attitude and spirit of striving for the best. We are willing to carry out sincere and win-win cooperation with more friends.