D&S Hangzhou Branch Was Officially Established


Approved by the Board of Directors of Spearhead, D&S, a subsidiary of Spearhead Group, officially set up a branch in Hangzhou on August 1, which is a new regional market developed by D&S in the Chinese mainland after Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu and Chongqing. 

D&S Hangzhou Branch will be based in Hangzhou with business covering Hangzhou, Anhui, Jiangxi and other provinces in East China. It will adhere to the core idea of "brand building through professional public relations services" and provide comprehensive integration services such as complete brand design, strategy consulting, implementation of public relations activities, etc. In terms of organizational structure, D&S Hangzhou Branch is under the D&S Eastern Region and shall report to D&S Senior Vice President Jane Shi. 

D&S Vice President Lu Yan and D&S General Manager Wu Cuifang are in charge of D&S Hangzhou Branch. Among them, Lu has 14 years of industry experience. He once worked in D&S for 6 years and then in Lenovo for 4 years. He has conducted in-depth study on branding of Chinese private companies, he is the founder of Ecovacs and other brands, and he is particularly good at the integration of brands and electronic sales. Wu has 13 years of industry experience, she once worked in Linksus Yuanjing and other large public relations companies, and she is particularly good at the overall management and risk management of integrated marketing.


Established in 1996, D&S is one of the earliest and largest professional media groups in China, and is tanks top among companies in the field of public relations and advertising. D&S has been ranking among the top 5 public relations companies in China for 16 consecutive years since 2001. After joining the listed company Spearhead in 2014, under the guidance of the Group's "big content" and "big data" strategy, it has achieved rapider development, and has been ranking among the top three in the industry for many consecutive years.

As one of the pioneers of China's reform and opening up, the private companies in Hangzhou have achieved rapid development, and many e-commerce brands have risen rapidly. The success of the G20 Hangzhou Summit in last year and the positioning of a new first-tier city are driving the rapid economic development in Hangzhou, bringing great demand for brand upgrading. Seeing this huge market potential and opportunity, D&S decided to expand relevant business to Hangzhou to actively develop a new regional market and business layout. D&S Hangzhou Branch will serve brand clients wholeheartedly to create more classical cases of success.