Marketing Talent Management Methodology of Spearhead Group


"Talent is a core resource" has always been a consensus in the marketing industry. Despite the boom in artificial intelligence, creativity and communication cannot be replaced. Recently, Spearhead Group (300071), an A-share listed company in the marketing industry, announced the draft of a "generous" restricted A-share incentive scheme, which is aimed at providing talented people with a broad space for development and guarantee of substantial benefits.

It is learned that Spearhead plans to grant a total of no more than 35 million A shares of the company to 68 incentive objects who are company directors, senior management, middle management, subsidiary executives and core business backbone identified by the Board of Directors to have a direct impact on the company's business performance and future development, nearly 520,000 shares per person. In addition to the setting of personal assessment criteria, unlock requirements also involve overall profit, that is, the absolute amount of the annual net profit shall not be less than 200 million yuan, 230 million yuan and 265 million yuan respectively within the three years since 2017.


The announcement has caused widespread attention from the industry and investors after made. Spearhead said that as the process of economic globalization accelerated, the advertising marketing industry had achieved rapid development. The Group would, as always, concentrate its efforts to "find talents, retain talents and make good use of talents", and advocate that outstanding talents and the company achieve common development to meet future challenges. 


  • Introduce alents in a scientific way, and enlist able men in the industry

"Outstanding talents are the main driving force for a company to move to a new level." Steaph Huang, Spearhead Co-president and D&S Chairman, who is known as "President of Whampoa Military Academy in the public relations industry", said many times. For marketing companies, providing their clients with continuous, high-quality and innovative marketing communication services is a test of organization and team creativity, resources and industry accumulation, so companies need to spare no effort to introduce talents and retain and develop talents with reasonable compensation mechanism and management system.

Based on the continuous innovation and upgrading of talent introduction, training, incentive and management system, most of the top industry talents and excellent business and management staff introduced by SPEARHEAD and its subsidiaries have been retained and well integrated. In last December, the original 360 Vice President Sun Jiami, who has years' experience in the management of both parties to a contract and international vision, officially became D&S President, fully responsible for the operation and management of the company. Under her leadership, the team has taken a series of major projects over the past more than half a year, such as "public relations agent for Dongfeng Race Team in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18" and "2017-2018 integrated marketing strategy and creativity agent for Southeast Auto", continuing to create value for the Group and themselves.


D&S sharing of innovation in public relations in the new media environment


  • Guarantee the space for profit monetization, and create paths to achieve value

In addition to the effective management of internal talents, how to stabilize the core team becoming the main body of a company through extensional merger and acquisition and ensure sustained performance growth is also a compulsory course for listed companies.

In 2016, the industry fund with the investment of a subsidiary of Spearhead bought full control of the world's leading independent third-party mobile advertising trading platform Smaato. During the sincere, fair and friendly negotiation process, both sides achieved the maximization of common interests through efficient communication, optimized trading structure design and assistance of professional institutions. Smaato CEO and Co-Founder Ragnar Kruse said during the interview, "This is an exciting process with equality and respect." Furthermore, Spearhead effectively addressed the issues concerning interests and long-term incentives of the team through a sound incentive mechanism and security system. At present, Smaato's core team is stable, and its performance maintains a sustained growth.

As for business collaboration between the subsidiaries of the Group and how to maximize resource utilization and value creation, Spearhead makes active attempts through promoting the "MW Program". It directly enhances business contacts between the subsidiaries through a number of collaborative incentive policies, and provides more open space for outstanding talents to "truly meet their demand for long and short-term incentives", enhance advantages in business competition and promote performance growth. Since 2016, Spearhead has achieved remarkable results in domestic business collaboration with the strong support of business management model innovation, financial system improvement, etc. 


Group discussion part of Spearhead "MW Program" Launch Ceremony


  • Innovate the talent training mechanism, and open up channels for future training

After talents are found and retained, how to continue to train excellent talents, how to make the fresh blood become a "future star", and how to reserve talents for the rapid development of the industry and companies have become key to more and more marketing companies to make good use of talents. It is learned that some forward-looking companies are also active in establishing an interactive learning and growth system and building a learning and innovation-oriented team besides offering multi-level training on new employee orientation, business and basic management.

For example, in terms of making good use of talents, Spearhead gives full play to the advantages of the headquarters, and introduces the Executive MBA program and the senior and middle management leadership improvement program to motivate employees to enhance their own ability and grow together with the company. 


Spearhead senior and middle management leadership improvement program

At the same time, Spearhead's subsidiary D&S launched the "D&S Whampoa Lecture" program, requiring full participation in the public relations, advertising and crisis management courses and occasional training from external experts, and encouraging internal learning and exchanges to consolidate business management knowledge. In addition to the internal and external training, its subsidiary Allyes also actively promoted "practical training", opened the stage to potential teams and individuals, and conducted training and assessment of actual business capacity in work to achieve echelon training of talents.

Moreover, actively spreading professional views and ideas to universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, industry forums and other activities is also an unremitting effort made by marketing personnel to open up the future talent training channels for the industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry and companies. Among them, the influence of industry associations is particularly striking. China Advertising Association of Commerce has organized Chinese marketing personnel to participate in D&AD (Design and Art Design), ADFEST (Asia Pacific Advertising Festival), AWA (Advertising Week Asia) and other international exchange activities in the industry several times. The press conference of the recent 12th China 4A Golden Seal Awards also announced that China 4A (The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China) and Creative Industry Promotion Committee would jointly host the China Creativision activities, introduce D&AD and ADFEST, invite world famous legends in the industry to speak in China, and organize master classes and excellent works exhibitions to give Chinese creative marketing personnel more learning and exchange opportunities.

In the current environment where marketing personnel have a rise in social status, Spearhead's incentive of 35 million shares has undoubtedly given the company and even the whole marketing industry "a shot in the arm". This has also fully confirmed the public statement of Spearhead Chairman Polo Liu on a number of occasions: in the current market environment, it is performance, namely real figures, that makes a company big and strong. The feasibility of the company's future strategic layout can be more credible only when operation and management performance is good, and talent is an indispensable important guarantee.

Source: The Economic Observer

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