Spearhead Paid a Second Visit to Ping Shan Middle School Students


In order to make the children of poor families can afford to go to school and eat, Spearhead actively participated in the "New Great Wall Scholarship Program for Poverty-stricken High School Students" launched by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and funded 50 impoverished Grade One students of Ping Shan Middle School. It provided them with living allowance to help them complete their studies. In 2016, Spearhead organized its staff to visit Ping Shan Middle School and share experience and exchange ideas with the poverty-stricken students to broaden their horizons and encourage them to face life positively. 

From April 15 to April 16, 2017, some executives and staff of Spearhead set up a team, and they paid a second visit to Hebei Ping Shan Middle School, held a launch ceremony, communicated with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and teachers of Ping Shan Middle School, interacted with poor students, and experienced students' supper, spreading the concept of public welfare with love and actions.


  • Launch Ceremony: Vice President, who is a curve wrecker, is giving an inspiring speech


At the beginning of the event, leaders of Ping Shan Middle School expressed their gratitude to Spearhead, and watched the special film made by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for the "New Great Wall Scholarship Program for Poverty-stricken High School Students" together with all the team members of Spearhead. Seeing that the students have to carry the burden which is difficult for a lot of adults, although they are still young, and their eyes are bright when they talk about their dreams, all the people present were deeply moved.

As a representative of the Group, Spearhead Vice President and CSO Jerry Xie unveiled the "New Great Wall Scholarship Program for Poverty-stricken High School Students" together with Liu Chunxia, Secretary of the Party Committee of Ping Shan Middle School. Subsequently, Jerry delivered a speech on learning to face inferiority, shared his personal experience of persistence and thoughts when faced with difficulties, and told the students his learning experience as a curve wrecker. In his speech, Jerry said, "Are you willing to take difficulty as an excuse for inferiority or the wealth of life? I believe that most people will choose the latter. Therefore, do not be afraid to face difficulties, take it as a stepping stone in life, and move forward bravely!" The speech received enthusiastic response from the students, and applause and laughter continued for a long time.



Mr. Li Liwei was responsible for the financial aid and management of poor students in Ping Shan Middle School. He introduced that the students had a very tight schedule every day. Getting up at 5:30a.m. and going to bed at 10:15p.m., they spent most of the time on learning. "Most of the students have no idea about the future direction, and they have no time to think. We are very grateful to Spearhead Group because you have not only given them financial support, but also broadened their horizons and lightened up their hopes through such activities."


  • Interaction With Students: Design you dream and draw a colorful future

Angela Gao, the lecturer on "Design Your Dream" in the part of interaction with students and Spearhead Learning and Organization Development Director, introduced the characteristics of different personalities and the appropriate career directions for different personality combinations to the students with DISC Personality Testing and Holland's self-directed search (SDS) as the model. The students of Ping Shan Middle School had heavy schoolwork on weekdays. Although the event was on the weekend, they still needed to shuttle between the classrooms for learning and the classroom for the event without stop. The easy and interesting evaluation and interactive links were loved by the students, who unloaded their burden, actively participated in the activities and shared their testing results and feedback.


At last, Spearhead Organization Development Manager Zheng Fangfei guided the students to draw their own life-career rainbow to make them have a more concrete idea of their career. 


Angela said that personalities could not be divided into good ones and bad ones, and the study was aimed to make the students understand how to combine interests, skills and personality to choose a major and a career. If a person was interested in his job, he could release his gifts as much as possible and maintain high efficiency without feeling tired, so he would have greater sense of accomplishment. She hoped that the students could find their own interests, abilities and personality characteristics through this study and exploration so as to determine an appropriate direction of development and be helpful for both the individual and the community.


Li Han, a worker of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, said that she arrived at Ping Shan Middle School before the team of Spearhead in this event, and she found when gathering students' questions that many students felt confused and frustrated at this stage of high school and they did not know how to improve low mood, so support for the development of students was also very important in addition to financial aid. 


Fortunately, our partners from Spearhead had prepared various interesting tests and activities for the students. From the initial listening with great relish to the later attempt to speak on the stage, we could find that the students were changing and challenging themselves bit by bit. After the end of the two-day event, the team of Spearhead gave gifts to the students and took a group photo with them as a souvenir. 


Surprisingly, the students also prepared sincere and exquisite handmade gifts for us. We visited several students last time. At that time, they were too shy to speak, but this time they could speak with ease and natural poise and take the initiative to exchange contact with us, hoping to have more exchanges with the brothers and sisters from Spearhead.


Although the time was very short, the members of the team said that they had benefited a lot from the event, and they cherished it very much. They hoped that they could continue to provide help for the students in the future.


Jerry said that poor students were sensitive and introverted, and they needed correct guidance from all walks of life to help them broaden their horizons and build confidence through active communication and various activities. In this visit, he was very happy to see that the students were more open than last year, which was also the original intention of Spearhead Group to adhere to the public welfare undertaking. 

In the end, Jerry wished that the students who would attend the college entrance examination could get satisfactory results and be admitted to their ideal university. 


Spearhead Group is a company with the sense of social responsibility. In 2016, it donated orange school bags to hearing impaired children, raised money for "Water Cellar for Mothers" and funded the recipients of the "New Great Wall Scholarship Program for Poverty-stricken High School Students", recognized by the community. Public welfare is a long-term social return. After the "New Great Wall Scholarship Program for Poverty-stricken High School Students", Spearhead will make persistent efforts to expand the perspective of public welfare to personnel training and support, and promote the advancement of the communication industry with focus on excellent talents and professional development. 

At the same time, it will continue to play the Group's experience and advantages in activity organization, dissemination and promotion and other aspects, mobilize various forces and drive more people of the same trade to join in the undertaking of public welfare promotion.