Polo Liu: Focus on Content and Data, Deepen Endogenous Growth and Collaboration and Explore Uni Marketing Endlessly


In recent years, the added value of the cultural industry has been rising, the proportion of the cultural industry to GDP maintains an upward trend, and the scale of the industry continues to expand. Due to the asset light, vertical and other characteristics of cultural media companies, mergers and acquisitions around the "content+channel/data" and "upper reaches+lower reaches" of the industry is conducive for media companies to expand industrial boundaries and further improve the business layout, which is also an inevitable trend of industry development. With the rise of the Internet channel, multi-screen ecology and big data, the marketing communication industry is in the middle of a whirlwind. 

Recently, Spearhead Chairman Polo Liu accepted the interview of Boss Talk Show, a high-end financial figures chat show of the Economic Observer, and discussed with Chief Correspondent Ouyang Xiaohong from the Economic Observer on issues such as the development trend of the integrated marketing industry, Spearhead's investment strategy, experience, achievements and business development concept, etc. Details are as follows.


  • Industry Trend: The demand for integrated marketing has increased, calling for integration of the whole industry chain

At present, the market, the industry and customer needs are directed at digital integrated marketing solutions, including big data solutions on marketing. Since its listing, Spearhead has completed the transition from "BTL" (below-the-line) to "ATL" (above-the-line) through the acquisition of D&S, a leading public relations company in China and "Whampoa Military Academy in the public relations industry", and extended from offline to online through the acquisition of the long-established Internet marketing company Allyes. So far, Spearhead has integrated the online and offline industry chain. Next, it will continue to integrate entertainment and fashion content resources with D&S as a content-oriented company, and design the big data-based marketing layout with Allyes as the core.

  • Investment Strategy: Focus on fashion, entertainment and social content and big data marketing

Spearhead's strategic positioning is a global and digital Uni marketing communication group supported by entertainment, fashion and social content and big data marketing. We design the business layout around this positioning, follow the industry development and gradually transfer to digital marketing, precision marketing and mobile marketing.

Content is an important carrier of marketing, "entertainment", "fashion" and "social" are the key words determined based on the judgment of current and future marketing trends. Big data, especially the online and offline big data marketing, is communication and sales-oriented. According to big data marketing, we can achieve a deep insight into consumers and improve the consumer portrait. Spearhead can also play an important role in this segment based on its previous accumulations.

  • Investment Target: Focus on leading companies in segments, and accelerate layout in the field of mobile advertising technology

Spearhead's core requirement for the acquired company is that it should rank among the top three, even first, in the vertical market segment. During investment and mergers and acquisition, we attach greater importance to whether the company can become a market-oriented company through three years of integration and collaboration. We will carry out assessment from four aspects, including client, operation, learning and development and finance, and take into account receivable turnover ratio, the proportion of the top three clients and the largest client, the standard number growth of rate of return on common stockholders’ equity, gross profit margin and net profit margin, etc. It is a systematic valuation adjustment plan.

In the futures, Spearhead will accelerate its layout in the field of mobile advertising technology, for example, the technology platform of mobile DSP (Demand-Side Platform), mobile SSP (Sell-Side Platform) and AD Exchange. 

  • Post-Investment Management: Implement strategic management, and strengthen endogenous growth and collaborative integration

After the completion of investment, Spearhead will implement strategic management of the company rather than operational management, show full respect for the team, effectively solve its problems, including fulfillment of promises about interests and long-term incentives, and help them do more things they want to do in the Group's new platform and achieve a sense of accomplishment in the industry, creating a harmonious and win-win situation.

Spearhead will unswervingly implement the "collaborative integration" strategy. With client, human and data resources as the core orientation, it will establish incentive system, collaboration mechanism and workflow to ensure collaborative integration. So far, Spearhead has achieved substantial endogenous growth, including collaboration-induced sales and profits. Our acquisition may not be so fast, but both endogenous growth and collaborative integration-induced growth are accelerating. 

  • Development requires the support of national policy, talent, data and capital

Business development is inseparable from the support of national strategy. In recent years, in addition to valuing and supporting the cultural industry, the state also encourages Chinese companies to go out, so we are very confident in the long run.


For companies, human resources are the core for the development and effective implementation of strategic orientation. Spearhead has been studying and exploring attractive and incentive programs for outstanding talents. We have introduced high-end talents in recent years, and most of them have been retained and well integrated.


In terms of business, in order to complete the Group's upgrading and strategic transformation towards a global and digital Uni marketing group, Spearhead must get more data, especially marketing data. Spearhead will continue to adopt the methods of extensional investment and integrated acquisition to acquire more companies and organizations with the ability to obtain data, process data and develop data products and integrate them into the company's internal ecosystem.

  • Build a global and digital Uni marketing communication group

From the original offline retail promotion to public relations and advertising and then mobile marketing after it appears, Spearhead hopes to provide brand clients with multi-dimensional and integrated marketing solutions and services around the consumers and their life scenes and ecology through a digital way, namely "Uni marketing". 

Spearhead is forming a closed business loop and new mobile and data application products through integration at the level of client, human resources and data so as to make the concept of "Uni" more complete rather than only a combination of business modules. This is a process of continuous exploration as well as a process of continuous upgrading without end.


Source: The Economic Observer

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