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Case | Minilove Exploring of Micro Secret Show click for more details

As a kind of series marketing by Microsoft, Minilove Exploring of Micro Secret Show cooperates with Buqiurenvip(a Wechat account)  on the most popular constellation topic. The show is live transmitted in the form of variety show exploration with precise interaction with the target consumers of fashionable white-collars to establish emotional connections. The special features of the products highlighted in the interesting live show are quite impressive. The direct and intuitive experience has successfully attracted target consumers to make purchases at the Microsoft shop at JD.com. With the increase of the sales, the focus and views of the online shop have been enhanced. 

Case | Great Challenge-Jetta Auto Crossing 1000-km No-Man Land of Qinghai Hoh Xil  click for more details

The year is the 25th anniversary of Jetta's entry into China and it is a favorable opportunity for Jetta to publicize its quality and establish its image. D&S created communication topics and promote Jetta's public attention by creating a sensational event that challenges the world records in thousands of miles of no-man area.

Case | A Tank of Oil for 1000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge Network Communication  click for more details

While the offline activity "A Tank of Oil for 1,000 Kilometers Roewe 360 National Fuel-Saving Challenge" was going on along the Hexi Corridor (Lanzhou-Dunhuang), live video and the effect of Internet celebrity economy were utilized by Allyes to make the originally boring challenge become interesting, attention-arousing and influential. 


Case | Nestle Promotion  click for more details

To improve the sales of Nestle series products, and to introduce the introduction of Nestle series brand, Think-branding promote the Nestle coffee brand visibility, in store awareness, effective communication between consumers and promotions through a series of offline activities. 

Case | Exploring Smart Energy - Open Day of Sinopec Group  click for more details

Implement the solution to unified and standardized activities and all-round interacted communication: D&S develops the standard procedure for the Open Day of Sinopec Group, establish and improve the operation platform for the activities, aggregate brand potential energy at the level of the Group, win more public opinions and public praise; make the brand image of Open Day of Sinopec Group more popular, tap the channels and forms from which sustainable interaction with the consumers can be conducted, and realize the effective promotion of the brand image of Smart Energy and Happiest Life.

Case | Operation of Midea Home Appliance on Douguo.com  click for more details

Accurate branding and product promotion have been carried out by Allyes at the vertical delicious-food social interaction community platform of Douguo.com with accurate target consumers. Initiate the activities by content operation compatible with the brand essence to maintain the fans  and realize web traffic inflow and e-commerce purchase. 


More cases coming soon…